News Article 24/02/2005 B

New clients for Ulysses Systems (Digital Ship January/February 2005 p.8)

Maritime software company Ulysses Systems reports that it has signed up shipping companies M.O Ship Management, TECTO, Iino Marine Services, World Tankers and Andriaki Shipmanagement as clients for its Task Assistant. The system was installed on over 600 ships by the end of 2004.

One notable plaudit was from shipmanager Northern Marine, part of the Stena Group, which wrote about the Task Assistant as part of its page in Stena's 2004 annual company report.

"To further improve the Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System and to assist in achieving a higher degree of safety and efficiency by helping personnel focus on critical, task specific processes, Ulysses'Task Assistant is being deployed throughout the managed fleet," the company wrote.

Ulysses believes that its software is well suited to helping shipping companies manage their increasing requirements from charterers, particularly oil companies, to make procedures for every task they do, document everything they have done, and check the procedures have been followed.

Seafarers need to be able to follow the procedures and fill in the necessary forms without it adding to their workloads, and without them needing to use complex computer systems.

"In order to effect a co-ordinated transition, there is a need for connecting new, improved practices with what people actually do today," says Panteleimon Pantelis, director of Ulysses.